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How Do I Know if I Need Braces?

If there's a "perfect teeth" gene, it's as rare as the gene for writing music like Mozart. Most of us have to put up with a few imperfections among our pearly whites. However, many imperfections can heighten risks for cavities and other dental problems and correcting...

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How to Kick your Fear of the Dentist at Our Dental Spa

  Avalon Dental Spa is not your average dental center. Aside from the fact that we provide exceptional services, we call it a "spa" because it's an experience that leaves you excited to come back. A Comfortable, Fear-free Experience Fear of visiting the dentist...

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Teeth Whitening Tips from your Monticello Dentist

everybody wants a stunning "Hollywood smile" and you can make those pearly whites look better and last longer if you do three simple things on a regular basis: Brush and Floss Often Yes, it's a cliché, that doesn't mean it's a bad idea. Many tooth stains result from...

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What You Need to Know About ClearCorrect Clear Aligners

Traditional metal braces are attached to your teeth and adjusted periodically by your dentist. These braces are not removed until your treatment is complete and may hinder your ability to perform routine oral hygiene tasks or interfere with speaking and eating....

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